Connection + Beautiful Light

Photography, for me, is all about storytelling and connection. I absolutely love weddings, from the littlest details to the big emotional moments. My goal is always for you to look at your collection of images and be able to feel what is was like on that specific day. To remember the nervous anticipation, the feel of your dress as you walked down the aisle to promise forever, the pure joy of being surrounded by family and friends. Candid moments will always be my favorite for the power of emotion that lives in the in-between gestures. And while your gallery will have plenty of gorgeous, traditional formals that are heirlooms on their own, combining them with all those candid expressions creates your honest and unique heartfelt story.

Why Film?

First, let me say that film is merely a tool to help tell the story of your unique day. While I love couples who specifically look for a film photographer, it’s most important to me that couples are excited about the way I capture intimate, candid moments and big, beautiful emotion.

I classify myself as a hybrid shooter, which means I’ll always shoot with film and digital cameras on your day. There’s such an amazing benefit to bringing together the two tools. Film is classic, and renders light and color in the most tactile, incredible way. It creates gorgeous skin tones and offers a depth that is unparalleled by any digital solution. It truly shines in slower, intimate moments, for details and for portraits. Digital excels in low-light situations and for when speed is a must, like on the dance floor! I integrate both mediums to tell the full story of your day in one cohesive collection.